Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Shelf

Literally. This is the bookshelf that was passed down from my sister Heidi to me. It's pretty important. I put all my books on it (whether they fit or not, I manage).

I remember a while back I made it my goal to create a mini library for myself. At the time I only had The Host, the Twilight saga, the Harry Potter series, the TTYL books, and the first four books in the House of Night series. Now look at all I have! As you can see, I take a liking to Young Adult novels. I enjoy fantasy, romance, and sci-fi the most. Oh, and horror. Heck, I think I like pretty much any story as long as it's not just pure, plain boring fiction.

I look at my shelf and see all my books, but also the books that are missing. The books I want to buy to read and books I've read and loved and want to permanently keep.

Is this enough eye candy for you?

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