Monday, August 30, 2010

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Yes, I've finally gotten around to reading the infamous Harry Potter series. And I have to say that I loved it. Even though I knew pretty much everything that happens because of the movies and then because of my sisters' spoilers, I still thoroughly enjoyed reading.

I remember the days when I claimed to love Twilight more than Harry Potter. I want to kick myself now for ever making the statement, especially when I had not even read the series! Now it's clear which series is the real winner. Though Twilight how pretty, flowery descriptions and powerful love elements, Harry Potter's complex plot and many layers just sucks me in and doesn't let go.

What I really liked about the series when I finished the seventh book was how J.K. Rowling doesn't hold back in killing off characters, even if they're important and some of the most loved. It just goes to show how not all happy endings are thoroughly happy, and that there's just the possibility that anyone can die. Anyone can die. That's what I liked about the books. That's the only things that really bothers me about the last book in the Twilight series. I think there should have been a fight scene at the end! I don't care if we lost some werewolves and/or Cullens! It would have been an epic battle. It's just that half of the book works up to the end fight scene that, oh, never actually happens. Stephenie Meyer said that she didn't want a Hamlet ending with everyone just dead. She said that the Volturi would have won. Well... Maybe they could have started to fight, and then Alice comes in and interupts with that other half-human vampire. I honestly wouldn't mind losing Esme, Emmett, or Rosalie. Or Seth, Leah, Sam, you name it.

I can't say too much or I'll give away the story, but man did I enjoy reading. After finishing the seventh book past four in the morning I was sad that it was done and I couldn't read anymore. At least I now have even more reason to be excited about the movie coming out in theaters this November. And mostly... now that I finally read the series my two sisters will stop torturing me with their little secrets about the seventh books. For three years I've tried to avoid spoilers (and mostly failed), but now I don't have to worry at all and I can talk freely about it and go on forums to discuss things! It's great.

I really did wish that everything had been a secret though. I wish that I read the books before seeing the movies and that my sisters refused to give away anything about the plot to me no matter how much I convinced them that I wouldn't read the series ever. It kind of put a downer on reading when I knew exactly everything that was going to happen.

So. If you have not read the series yet, what are you doing reading my blog? Read Harry Potter! Now!

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  1. So, first off, I feel kinda creepy for commenting. Cause you have no idea who I am. But I stumbled upon your blog(s), and just wanted to say that you're a pretty talented writer. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading several of your posts.