Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Have you ever not known if you liked a book or not? I have. Mostly the House of Night series I've been confused on whether I hate it or love it.

So why do I hate the series? I really dislike the fact that the author (who is, by the way, an English teacher) wrote the books like a hormonal teenage girl. Really. The books are written as if the main character was the author herself. I do not like that. One reason why I read is to learn something and improve my vocabulary and writing style. But am I able to do that with this saga? Noooo. Speaking of vocabulary, there is much cursing and swearing. Sometimes while I read dialogue between characters I just want to slap my forehead and shake my head. The characters are just so dumb.

Since I have the books near me, I'll give you some examples of the poor vocabulary, pure stupidity, and profane speak straight from the pages. (If you have not read this series yet but plan to, you don't have to worry to much about spoilers. These out-of-context sections won't give away anything crucial. Still, I guess you could be cautious while reading.)

Hunted, pg. 9:
Damien paused, caught sight of Stevie Rae's bloody, ripped shirt and the arrow that still protruded from her back, and his pink cheeks blanched white. "You'll have to explain after you're fixed up and not en brochette anymore."
"En - Huh?" Shaunee said.
"Bro - What?" Erin said.
(I hate how the author has the characters announcing the fact that they don't know what certain words mean. Are you trying to make them look dumber than they really are, P.C.?)

Marked, pg. 21:
At first glance my step-loser, John Heffer, appears to be an okay guy, even normal. (Yes, that's really his last name - and, sadly, it is also now my mom's last name. She's Mrs. Heffer. Can you believe it?) When he and my mom started dating I actually overheard some of my mom's friends calling him "handsome" and "charming." At first. Of course now Mom has a whole new group of friends, ones Mr. Handsome and Charming thinks are more appropriate than the group of fun single women she used to hang with.
(I do not care at all for the author putting in parenthesis for the main character to just randomly say some unimportant side note. It's as if it's a journal or diary instead of an actual bestselling novel. Like the main character is actually talking to the reader. I don't like that.)

pg. 85:
Shaunee's face twisted. "I wouldn't be caught undead with those bitches."
"You're confusing the crap outta Zoey," Stevie Rae said.
Damien gave a long-suffering sigh. "I'll explain, proving once again how valuable I am to this group, penis or no penis."
"I really wish you wouldn't use the P-word," Stevie Rae said. "Especially when I'm trying to eat."
"I like it," Erin chimed in. "If everyone called things what they are we'd all be a lot less confused. For instance, you know when I have to go to the bathroom I state the obvious - I have urine that needs to come out of my urethra. Simple. Easy. Clear."
"Disgusting. Gross. Crude," Stevie Rae said.
"I'm with you, Twin," Shaunee said. "I mean, if we talked plainly about thing like urination and menstruation and such, life would be much simpler."
(As humorous as I found this part of chapter nine in Marked, I found it unnecessary for the main characters to be discusing something as such.)

Chosen, pg. 195 - 196:
"Oh, Zoey, yes!" Heath moaned. "You're cooling it. Yes, come closer baby. Take more."
He fisted his hand in my hair and pressed my mouth against his neck and I drank from him. His blood was an explosion. Not just in my mouth, but throughout my body. [...] I straddled him, pressing the most private part of myself against his hardness. His hands left my hair to hold my hips and he rocked me against him rhythmically as he moaned and panted and whispered for me not to stop. And I didn't want to stop. I didn't ever want to stop. My body was burning, just as his had been. Only my pain was sweet, hot, delicious. [...] Neither of them ocould make me feel like this...want like this...desire to take like this...
"Yeah, bitch! Ride him! Make him hurt so gooood!"
"That little white boy don't have nothin' for you. I'll give ya somethin' you can really feel!"
(...I have no words to describe this. But as you can see, the sexual content in these books are quite graphic. Not that I don't like the sexual tension, it's just...a bit much. Wouldn't you agree?)

Ahhh, but alas, the reasons why I hate the series are also partially why I love the series. It's an easy read with an excellent plot. Perfect book for any teen who resents reading.

There are nine books total in the series. Only five are out at the moment. And I find myself eager for the sixth book which is being released on shelves of Walmart, Barnes 'n Noble, and any book store near you tomorrow.

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  1. Okay, so I couldn't re-find the quote, but this reminded me of a writer's quote saying something along the lines of: "I suppose the reason my characters are always drinking and doing drugs is because I'm not. I hardly ever drink."

    These books are really graphic, but yeah that's part of the appeal. Raunchy high schooler talk. And if you're a high schooler and don't like that, you probably aren't friends with any of your peers.