Sunday, October 24, 2010

While Reading...

NEVER rule out anyone. ALWAYS expect the unexpected. Unless you want everything to be a surprise of course. ;)
(I've gotten very good at figuring out who's the culprit behind evil plans and such. I owe it all to Pushing Daisies. After five episodes I was able to guess who was the killer.)

ANYWAY, I hope you're all having a nice weekend! I'd be reading, but last night I accidentally spilled my organic root beer onto The Time Traveler's Wife and got the cover and pages all wet. It was in my bag and the cap wasn't on tight enough and blah. >.< Anyway, it's drying and sitting under a huge stack of books so it stays flat and not all bent out of shape.

I suppose I can still read though. The Lightning Thief perhaps?

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