Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Books and Movies

I was emailed a poll and the last question (which was optional) caught my eye. I want to hear what your answer is. I would post what I wrote but it was super long and even though I copied it and was getting ready to past it here, I accidentally, stupidly, copied the question below so I no longer have what I wrote. It was long because I was rambling, so you don't want to read it anyway.

What's an example of a book you enjoyed more than the movie (and a sentence why)? What's an example of a movie you enjoyed more than the book (and a sentence why)? If you can't think of an example for one of them, explain why.


  1. I enjoyed the Inkheart film better than it's ink and paper twin, which I couldn't even get through the first pages of, the writing was so poor.

    I enjoyed the Harry Potter books better than the films. The writing is just so fantastic, and so much goes on that a movie can't fit in.

  2. The Harry Potter books are better than the movies. So many little things are left out, funny and weird. The books elaborate on things you don't get in the movies.

    The movie New Moon was better than the book. The wolves, the plot, Jacob, and the humor was better. I also liked Aro way more (he was creepy and funny), along with the rest of the Volturi. Like Marcus :)